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A combination of Bach Flower Essences, a natural remedy specially formulated to assist anxious dogs suffering separation anxiety making them more comfortable.


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Beautiful Balancing Bach Remedies | The Beautiful Dog Company

30ml - Formulatd by a qualified Bach therapist in Australia

A gentle and effective natural treatment for the anxious and insecure dog.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Cerato, Walnut, Elm, Willow, Heather, Beech.

Directions: Add 4 drops to your dog's drinking water daily until finished or squirt 4 drops direct into the dog's mouth.

Can help treat separation anxiety.

Other Bach Flower remedies available include:

Brave – For skittish dogs that are a little shy or uncertain about noises, places, people or certain things.

Calm – For puppies and dogs that are extra enthusiastic that they forget their manners and need a little help calming down.

Chill – Formulated to help chill the bossy dog that likes to dominate you and everyone around.

Happy – An anti depressant for dogs that may not be feeling their usual happy self.

Strong – For dogs that have been neglected or suffered a trauma and need a little extra strength to get by.

About Bach Flower Remedies

Research suggests that Bach Flower Remedies significantly improve the state of animals by 75 to 80% of cases when conventional medicine has not helped.

Beautiful Balancing Bach Remedies are based on the work of English medical doctor, Edward Bach who as a Harley Street Doctor created the bach flower remedies in the 1930's he believed emotional harmony, leads to physical wellbeing.

If your dog needs a little support in coping with problems like stress, anxiety, sadness, fear and you'd like to use a natural, drug free approach, The Beautiful Balancing Bach Remedies are for you.