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  • Multipet

    Multipet International, Stimulating toys for day and night time interaction with your dogs.

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  • N-GAGE

    N-GAGE offers premium quality products and tools designed to help you and your best friend have more fun, together.

  • Natural Animal Solutions

    Natural Animal Solutions brings you only the best in natural pet care. Professionally Formulated By Australian Naturapaths.

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  • NERF Dog Toys

    NERF Dog make durable canine retrieving toys. High-quality dog toys that will provide hours of fun! Make your pet a Nerf Dog!

  • Nina Ottosson

    Nina Ottosson pet activity treat toys and puzzle games are designed to keep dogs occupied and mentally stimulated whilst reinforcing your relationship.

  • Nylabone

    Nylabone dog products are suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages.  High quality chews and exciting dog toys.

  • Pet Qwerks

    Pet Qwerks are focused on providing unique and interactive toys that hold the pet’s attention for hours on end.

  • Pet Relax

    Pet Relax (formerly Pet Remedy) products include a blend of essential oils that work alongside an animals natural relaxation pathway to help calm anxious and stressed pets.

  • Pinewood

    Pinewoods Dog Sports Apparel, high quality products designed with the professional dog trainer and dog sports enthusiast in mind.

  • Premier Pet Products

    Premier was founded by pet-people, for pet-people. They believe in providing safe, innovative, effective training tools and interactive toys that help improve relationships between people and their pet dogs.

  • SENTRY GOOD Behavior

    SENTRY GOOD Behavior pheromone products give your dog a safe, convenient and scientifically proven solutions to some of the toughest behaviours.

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  • SportDOG

    SportDOG Products are designed for you to enjoy outdoor activities with your dogs.

  • The Beautiful Dog Company

    The Beautiful Dog Company formulates aromatherapy shampoos, specially suited to dogs sensitive nose and skin, Bach Flower Remedies to naturally help dogs overcome behaviour issues.

  • The Company of Animals

    The Company of Animals produce high quality dog training accessories designed to improve the wellbeing of pets as well as helping their owners.

  • ThunderWorks

    ThunderWorks are committed to finding simple and safe solutions for animal behaviours.  Helping you to be a better human to your pet.

  • Treat Hunters

    Treat Hunters dog treats are 100% natural, Australian made gluten and lactose free dog treats with no additives or preservatives.

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  • Trix Training

    Trix Training Australia, produce high quality training products designed for positive reinforcement training.  Trix believe training should be fun!

  • Trixie Pet Products

    Trixie Pet Products was founded over 45 years ago and offers an affordable range of products to help train and entertain pets.

Showing 19 - 36 of 42 items