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Dog Treats and Chews

Introducing our irresistible Dog Treats and Chews! These natural, healthy goodies are the perfect way to reward your furry friend during training sessions. Not only do our chews provide a delightful treat, but they also work wonders in alleviating anxiety and tackling behavior issues. Give your pup the special treatment they deserve!

Dog Treats and Chews .


  • Training Treats

    A range of tasty, healthy natural dog treats that are perfect size and texture for training.

  • Chews

    A range of chews to help eliminate boredom and settle an anxious mind.  Also a great way to keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy.

  • Health Treats

    Dog Treats specially made with added vitamins and herbs to aid health or help calm stay calm in stressful situations.

  • Soft Toy Fillers

    A range of tasty soft treats that are perfect to smear on your dogs boredom busting toys.