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Training Products

Discover our extensive collection of positive reinforcement training aids, designed to cater to the needs of both dogs and their trainers. Our products are not only effective for dogs but also suitable for training other animals. Unlock the potential of your furry friends with our versatile range!

Training Products .


  • Clickers and Targets

    A range or clickers and target sticks to suit the needs of both the dog and the trainer and make training a fun rewarding experience for all.  

  • House Training

    Puppy Toilet Training Supplies, products to help your puppy to let you know when they need to go, a great alternative to barking and scratching at the door.

  • Remote Reward Systems

    Remote Reward Training Systems used for positive reinforcement dog training.  Great for teaching pets how to behave around the home and perform better in competition.

  • Treat Pouches and...

    Treat Pouches and Treat Dispensers to suit everyone's needs from children to professional dog walkers and trainers.

  • Whistles

    As a dog’s hearing range is far greater than ours, dog whistles provide a great response from dogs, even over exceptional distances.

  • Accessories

    A range of training accessories to keep your training aids close and easily accessible. Including: Lanyards, wrist coils and other attachments.

  • Kits

    Dog and puppy training kits, cheaper than buying individual items. Products in packs include: Manuals, Clickers, Treats, Treat Bags, Target Sticks, Toys…

  • Agility / Sports

    A range of agility training and Dog Sports equipment for use at home or in class… More products coming soon.