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Collars and Harnesses

Introducing our fantastic collection of dog collars and Harnesses. From stylish martingale collars to innovative harnesses that put an end to pulling, we've got it all. And for those who crave ultimate control, our head collars are a game-changer. Walks will never be the same again with these must-have essentials for your furry friend!

Collars and Harnesses .


  • Collars

    Our range of dog collars include martingale and buckle designs, available in plain or bright fun patterns to match your dogs personality.

  • Front Clip Harnesses

    Front Clip Dog Harnesses are designed to give you more control and reduce / Stop your dog pulling.

  • Dual Clip Harnesses

    Dual Clip Dog Harnesses are great to stop / reduce pulling and give you ultimate control as well as providing the versatility to just use one or both clips.

  • Active Harnesses

    Our range of Active Dog Harnesses are designed for the outdoors adventure dog.   Great for cycling, running, hiking etc…

  • Head Collars

    Dog Head Collars give you control when you need it, and are designed to be used for walks only, not to be kept on dogs at other times.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for your dogs collars and harnesses, products to keep them visible at night and to let others know they are in training etc.