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Dog Leads

Introducing our incredible range of dog leads! From budget-friendly cotton and nylon leads to durable rope options, we've got you covered. Whether you need a long line for training and adventurous walks or a short lead for close control, we even have hands-free leads and bike attachments for the active pup parent.

Dog Leads .


  • Short Traffic Leads

    Traffic leads / city leads are perfect for keeping your dogs close by while walking through busy cities or crossing roads. 

  • Double Ended Leads

    Double Ended Dog Leads are extremely versatile with many uses. They are adjustable in length and can be attached to collars and harness for extra control.

  • Standard Leads

    Everyday walking Dog leads, a selection of leads ranging in length from 1.2 meters to 3 meters to meet your dog walking needs.

  • Long Lines

    Long Lines, Dog Leads designed for recall training, tracking and scent work, or to simply give your dog more freedom when out.

  • Slip Leads

    Slip Leads are easy to slip on and off dogs with no collar required, making them a great choice for agility and other dog sports.

  • All Other Leads

    All other dog leads, including tabs, couplers, extensions and bike attachments.