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Dog Toys
Dog Toys, a great range of dog toys for training, stimulation and play. Food Dispensing Toys, Tug Toys, Fetch Toys, Water Toys, Puzzle Toys and Puppy Toys.

Dog Toys .


  • Chew Toys

    Dogs love to chew, our range of chew toys exercise the jaw, sooth aching gums, help can calm dogs suffering from anxiety and stop them chewing our things.

  • Dummies and Dumbbells

    We have a range of dog training dummies and dumbells to suit your retrieval needs. Including high visible foam, plastic and camouflage canvas dummies.

  • Fetch Toys

    Fetch toys make exercise fun for dogs, we have a great range of toys for a game of fetch to retrieval training aids. Range includes balls, buoys and Frisbees.

  • Hydro Toys
    Our range of hydro dog toys are designed to keep dogs hydrated and cool during play. Simply fill toys with water, some can be frozen for extra cooling fun.
  • Plush / Soft Toys

    A range of cute soft plush dog toys, including Plush Puppies, interactive puzzle toys, toys that squeak, crinkle and rattle. Toys for play and snuggle time.

  • Puppy Toys

    Puppy Toys designed to stimulate your puppies busy mind and toys to satisfy their natural urge to chew while soothing any teething discomfort your puppy may have. Puppy Chew Toys, Treat Dispensing Puppy Toys, Soothing Dog Toys, Squeaker Toys, Fetch and Tug Toys…

  • Tug and Motivational Toys

    Tug toys are great as a reward when dog training or just for a fun game. Motivational play works great for dogs with a high play drive.  Perfect for agility!

  • Water Toys / Dock Diving

    A range or floating dog toys suitable for Dock Diving and great for fun fetch games or retrieval training with your water loving pooch.

  • Stimulating Dog Toys

    A range or dog toys to stimulate the senses and provide interactive fun for your dog.  Including sound and visually stimulating toys, Bubbles and more.

  • Xmas Toys

    Christmas gifts for dogs, fun and cute festive dog toys for interactive play with your dog at Christmas and all year. Gift wrap option available at checkout.