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Food Toys and Feeders

Enrichment Dog Toys, the ultimate source of challenging and rewarding fun for your furry friend! With a wide range of options including Slow Feeders, Strategy Games, Treat Dispensing Toys, Licking Mats, and Snuffle Toys, we guarantee endless entertainment and mental stimulation for your beloved pup.

Food Toys and Feeders .


  • Licking Bowls and Mats

    Licking Mats and Bowls, the ultimate solution to banish meal time boredom. Designed to provide your dog with enrichment and stimulation, they are perfect for those lonely moments at home. Say goodbye to anxiety and boredom, and hello to mealtime fun! 

  • Food Dispensing Toys

    Meal times for dogs just got a whole lot more exciting! Introducing treat dispensing dog toys that transform the mundane act of eating into a thrilling adventure. Say goodbye to boring bowls and hello to a world of fun-filled feeding frenzy! These innovative toys not only satisfy your furry friend's hunger, but also provide mental stimulation and entertainment.

  • Puzzle Games

    Get ready to unleash the ultimate brain workout for your furry pals! Our interactive puzzle game toys are the perfect solution to keep your dogs entertained and mentally sharp. With a range of difficulty levels, from beginner to expert, these games will challenge their wits and provide endless fun!

  • Puzzle Plush Toys

    Puzzle plush toys for dogs! These interactive wonders are not just ordinary toys, they're boredom busters that keep your furry friend mentally stimulated while developing their intelligence. Get ready for endless fun!

  • Snuffle Mats and Balls

    Unleash your pup's inner detective with snuffle mats! These clever contraptions tap into their innate foraging abilities, helping them beat stress and anxiety. Whether it's mealtime or a well-deserved treat, watch as your furry friend dives into a world of excitement, sniffing out every hidden morsel. Let the adventure begin!

  • Slow Feeders

    Introducing our range of interactive dog bowls and Mats! Say goodbye to gobbling down meals in seconds. Our slow feeders are here to make meal times a fun adventure. Designed to challenge and entertain your furry friend, these bowls will make every bite last longer, ensuring a healthier and happier pup!